Just As Nature Intended

Wood speaks to me of time

And bygone eras

Of scars and rings gathered during life’s pursuit

And I translate these words

And let the wood tell its tale again

      Stephan Swiegers May 08


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Stephan Swiegers is a talented crafter and carver of wood.  His sculptures are sought after as striking centrepieces both for home and the garden.  When beautifully lit, they are breathtaking features – a real talking point.  His wood pictures conjure up fantastic landscapes from their natural form; and his Crazy Wooden Clocks are wonderfully humorous.  Stephan can also turn his skilful hands to making more conventional wood pieces such as bird boxes and tables, dove cotes and simple items of furniture using interesting pieces of wood.  He uses mainly British hardwoods sourced from ancient woodlands, driftwood and sometimes South African woods like Mopani.

Please contact him if you are interested in any of the pieces featured on this website, or if you would like to commission your own special piece.







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